Reading data from tachographs

To read data from a tachograph means to transfer the information recorded in its memory to a special device (a tachograph reader) and then to save them on a computer disk. In a tachograph, we can find the following: data on driving periods, stops, speeding as well as maintenance and calibration of the device.

In the European Union, we have to stick to uniform rules for recording drivers` hours. That means the obligation of digital tachographs and tachographs cards usage. According to these regulations, transportation companies are required to obtain data from tachographs at least every 90 days. They also have to do it each time they rent a vehicle to a third-party, in the situation when a tachograph does not work appropriately and before a vehicle is going to be withdrawn from usage. It can be also required on demand of an authorized administrative body as well.

The data from the tachograph cards should be taken more often – every 28 days and each time before the termination of a contact of employment and prior to the expiration date of a tachograph card. What is more important, the data obtained from tachographs and tachograph cards should be saved in the original format and protected against access by unauthorized persons. They should be stored for at least 12 months.

In response to market demands, 4 Partners GmbH offers fast and comprehensive tachographs and tachographs cards data reading. Thanks to the service outsourcing, our customers save time and gain access to information allowing for effective management of their fleet of vehicles. The data taken in such a way facilitate keeping records of driving hours as well as protect against penalties imposed by road inspectors.

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