4 Partners Group

The company includes four entities with years of experience in the scope of transportation and forwarding: 4 Partners Polska, 4 Partners Logistics, 4 Partners Transport and 4 Partners GmbH (having operating since 2016).

4 Partners Group was established in 2010 by a group of friends who had been in the TSL business for years. They decided to take an advantage of having their own transportation company. Today, we have over 30 vehicles, a team of trusted employees and a number of trustworthy subcontractors and external carriers. We have established 3 branches in Poland (Sosnowiec, Kąty Wrocławskie, Żyrardów) and a thriving branch in Germany (Lippstadt).

For us, the most important is the quality of our services and that is why we invest in both the most modern vehicles and innovating IT solutions. Business partner relations are also of great importance and for this reason we pay special attention to choosing the right co-workers and subcontractors. We also prefer long-term cooperation. Due to such an attitude, the 4 Partners Group is developing dynamically, strengthening its position in this difficult and changing market year by year.