Waste transport

Waste transport should be handled according to the environment protection requirements, together with attention to safety and health of people, and in the way appropriate for chemical and physical properties of waste. Special caution should be taken during hazardous waste transportation. Then special provisions and regulations on hazardous waste transport should be taken into account.

Waste transport means to transfer it from the place of their production or storage. Such services can be held only by companies possessing a special license for carrying out such type of activity. 4 Partners GmbH has obtained such a permission and on its basis it is allowed to offer comprehensive waste transportation services.

The vehicles used for waste transport are specially equipped and used only for this purpose. They also comply with the requirements from the provisions of road traffic law and ADR Protocol (if there is the case of hazardous waste). We regularly train our drivers and subcontractors in the scope of handling and transporting this kind of waste.

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