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Hazardous loads

A hazardous load means every cargo which is not safe for individuals, property and the environment. Handling such a cargo is possible only in conditions strictly regulated by law. They are specified in the European Agreement on International Road Transport of Hazardous Materials, the so called ADR Protocol. This document describes in detail how these materials should be identified, classified and named. For every class of goods, there are appropriate methods of transportation, packing and safety procedures.

Amon all the hazardous materials, the ADR Protocol distinguishes 13 hazard classes, for example: explosive substances and articles, pyrophoric, oxidizing, poisonous, corrosive and radioactive materials. It is obvious that dealing with them requires special transportation conditions so that they do not harm people or the environment.

4 Partners GmbH has designed a service of hazardous materials transportations for those of companies who use such goods for their operation. It is held by drivers who possess ADR qualifications. Such transportation should be marked in the right way; it also needs a special car, usually a cistern.

We guarantee specialist cars complying with all the safety norms required when handling hazardous goods. Our drivers are accustomed with all safety procedures and activities. They are also trained on how to operate with hazardous goods. Such deliveries are treated with special care ensuring absolute compliance with the applicable law.

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