Logistyka magazynowa

Warehouse logistics

Our customers are able to make use of two warehouses in strategic places in Lower Silesia (Kąty Wrocławskie) and Upper Silesia (Sosnowiec). We also use warehouses shared with other carriers. We pay particular attention to the security of stored goods by installing the most modern alarm systems in our warehouses. On demand, we offer handling and storing.

Warehouse logistics – our services:

  • storage of goods on EUR pallets;
  • protection of loads;
  • repackage of goods to a EUR pallet;
  • lamination and identification of pallets;
  • packaging.


Thanks to excellent organization of work of our warehouses, we are able to load and unload the goods fast, which affects the effectiveness of distribution. Our loyal customers are offered long-term cooperation in the scope of storing, packaging and transporting the goods within the so called contract logistics. It allows for storing costs reduction.

Depending on customers’ needs, 4 Partners GmbH provides tailored logistics solutions or proposes activities within a standard logistics service. However, outsourcing the processes of storing and loading is still the most convenient solution allowing to save time and money.

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