Social responsibility

As a transportation company, we are aware of the impact of road transportation on the environment. Therefore, we take a number of activities to minimize it. We scrupulously abide regulations concerning eco transport, limit gas emissions and deal with water, electricity and waste management.

We invest in our vehicles by equipping them in the devices being able to meet very strict environmental norms. We use good quality fuel and train our drivers in the scope of fuel economy. We monitor our subcontractors for compliance with environmental standards.

Since the establishing of 4 Partners, we have been following the idea of socially responsible business. We are eager participants of all the events and projects regarding helping others. For example, we took part in the Szlachetna Paczka, Wielka Orkiestra Światecznej Pomocy or Dzień Marzeń programs. We also took special care of children from the Educational Care Facility no. 2 in Sosnowiec.