4 Partners GmbH – international transport, shipping and warehouse logistics


Our mission is to organize road transport at the highest level. We offer modern solutions in the scope of transportation and forwarding in Europe. We deal with comprehensive transport of express and hazardous good. What is more, we provide professional logistics services tailored to the expectations and needs of our customers.


To date, more than 400 companies and individuals have already trusted us. Every month, we organize over 2 200 deliveries to various places, using our own fleet of vehicles and the services offered by our trusted external carriers. Safety, timely deliveries and good relations with our customers and co-workers have been the most important factors for us.

Modern vehicles and trusted drivers

Our fleet of vehicles consists of vans, tractor units and road tractors. Deliveries are held by experienced and trustworthy drivers and subcontractors.

Integrated warehouse logistics

We provide warehouse logistics services together with handling and storing of goods at every stage of delivery. Proposed solutions are always tailored to individual needs of our customers.

Professional road transport

We offer groupage and full track loading, express and hazardous goods transportation. Thanks to optimization of routes, we are able to lower costs and provide attractive prices.

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